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This startup makes it easier than ever to help the planet.

Bret Waters
2 min readMay 20, 2021


Disposable cups are an environmental disaster. 16 billion coffee cups a year get tossed into the trash, along with 500 billion plastic cups. The world has a coffee habit, and the earth has a garbage problem.

We all know that re-usable cups are the solution, but it’s just not practical for us to carry a re-usable cup wherever we go. Or is it?

Zylch, a new Silicon Valley startup, has taken on this challenge by re-imagining the cup. Their team of designers thought to themselves, “What if the cup was collapsable?”. You could slide it into your pocket, expand it for a cup of coffee, and then collapse it again. Wash it when you get home, and re-use it over and over again.

Rendering (the actual product will be stainless steel).

After months of work designing and prototyping, the Zylch product will be available later this year. Durable, made with stainless steel, and with a patented design that makes it simple to use and enjoy. It will be available in several colors, and sold direct to consumers.

And it’s barista-approved!

The fact is, saving the earth requires changing consumers’ behavior, and that’s not an easy thing to do. Developing products that meet consumer needs while also making it easy for people to environmentally responsible has to be part of the solution.

We all know we need to get better at doing our part to help the planet. And the team at Zylch knows that making it easy and convenient for consumers to do the right thing can be part of the solution.

Look for the Zylch cup, coming soon!



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