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This startup is using AR on smartphones to help everyone learn the benefits of meditation and relaxation.

Everybody tells me I should do meditation. Even the Mayo Clinic recommends meditation, saying that it will improve my emotional well-being and overall health. But honestly it’s just not something that comes naturally to me. I sit and try to have a “quiet mind” but all that happens is I think about all the other things I need to get done!

So I was very interested when I met the co-founders of Visutate, a new startup that has developed a mobile app that makes it easier for people to visualize, meditate, and manifest. It uses augmented reality (AR), but runs on a simple smartphone — no complicated headset required.

The app has a variety of functions — there’s music engineered via binaural waves to help you fall asleep comfortably. Or you can augment the reality in your room to change your environment and gain new experiences. There’s audio meditations you can use to focus your mind and relax your emotions. And there’s even breathing exercises you can do with the help of a digital assistant on the app.

Visutate is part of a larger trend going on — new ways that digital technologies can be used to help with our physical and mental health. It’s also bringing access to all — not everyone can afford to go to an expensive meditation retreat to learn these techniques. But everyone has a smartphone in their pocket.

Visutate is available now in via Google Play and the Apple App Store. I’ve downloaded it to my phone and I’ve been trying to learn to quiet my mind and get the benefits of meditation.

Visutate will be presenting at Demo Day for the 4thly Startup Accelerator.



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Bret Waters

Bret Waters

Silicon Valley guy. I teach entrepreneurship at Stanford, run the 4thly Startup Accelerator, and coach startup CEO’s at Miller Center. Also, I love fish tacos.