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This startup is serving-up trendy travel and foodie tips to over 3 million active users (and growing).

Marco Feng came to NYC for grad school a few years ago, got a Master’s degree at Columbia, and settled into a nice professional life on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. He loves food, travel, exploring, and bringing his laptop and a camera with him everywhere. He started blogging about his travel and food explorations and, somewhat unexpectedly, ended up with three million avid readers of his website.

What he realized is that they are a lot of people out there just like him: young, well-educated travelers, explorers, and foodies. To put it another way, Marco is his own target market, and it’s an active, growing, prosperous market.

Want to know the best places to go apple picking in New York? How about the best pottery classes in NYC? Or maybe the best things to do in Iceland, or the best buffet in Singapore? You’ll find all this and more on Marco’s website,

There are many travel and foodie websites and magazines, of course, from Travel and Leisure to Lonely Planet. But Marco serves a very specific market — a young, hip, professional demographic that is very much in-demand and so Marco has no problem finding advertisers who want to reach his readers.

Plus, Marco’s platform is optimized for reading on the sort of devices that his generation prefers, with content that is highly-personalized for the reader. It’s been said that last century was about mass production, and this century is about mass personalization — Marco’s content engine delivers that.

His readership has now grown so large that he’s busy adding writers and other contributors, adding new countries and cities to the content coverage monthly. He’s got a user growth curve that most media companies would love to have.

So the next time you want to know the top ten bucket list experiences on the Left Bank of Paris, or the ten best burgers in Manhattan, you know where to turn!

Marco Feng will be presenting at Demo Day for the 4thly Startup Accelerator on October 13. Find out more.



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