This startup is helping Solopreneurs thrive and succeed.

One of the big macro trends is the rise of the “solopreneur”. Largely thanks to the internet revolution, today anyone can launch their own business and run it out of their own home. Platforms such as Etsy, Shopify, and Fiverr have given every individual access to global markets, which is a pretty big deal. The rise of the solopreneur has been a trend for the past 20 years, but in the past year COVID has clearly been an accelerant.

Merkado, a new startup in San Francisco, is launching a new platform to help solopreneurs thrive and succeed. Their goal is to give small operators access to big business tools — specifically by harnessing the power of integrated applications and machine learning.

There are plenty of point solutions on the market today — Mailchimp for email list, Wix for building a website, Square for accepting payments—but solopreneurs want to spent their time building their business, not trying to figure out how to get disparate systems to integrate with each other. Also, many small operators lack deep business and marketing expertise, so the Merkado platform uses the power of AI and Machine Learning to deliver expertise to customers and optimize the applications for each individual business.

The platform will launch later this year, and the company is currently maintaining a waiting list for the beta program.

All over the world today, individuals are creating opportunity by launching their own business and taking advantage of 21st century tools and access to markets. Merkado is on a mission to bring the power of “big company” enterprise software to individuals everywhere.

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