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This startup is driving the nanny share revolution.

Being a parent with young kids is hard, especially for working parents who need to find a way to balance making a living with giving their kids the care they deserve. It’s a big problem across the country — surveys show that more than half of American families have trouble finding quality daycare for their kids.

As always, the economic divide manifests itself, as wealthy families simply use an expensive nanny placement agency to procure whatever help they need. But an in-home nanny is dramatically more costly than daycare, and even daycare is out of reach for many families.

A startup in NYC, Nanny Scout, is solving this problem with an innovative new digital platform for nanny sharing. The Nanny Scout platform will match you with local families interested in nanny sharing, check your compatibility, and then match you with a qualified nanny. Their goal is to make private childcare more accessible to all by making it easy and comfortable for families to share the cost of a nanny.

Many great ventures begin with founders who notice a problem worth solving, often a problem the founders have experienced themselves. This is certainly the case with this startup, as the founders are two moms who found out first-hand that finding high-quality affordable child care is hard. Their passion for solving this problem led them to found Nanny Scout.

There’s an abundance of research today showing that the first few years of a child’s life sets the foundation for everything. Cognitive ability, emotional well-being, social skills, future academic achievement — all of that gets rooted in the first 5–8 years of a child’s development. So making sure that your kid’s early childhood environment is one filled with love, attention, encouragement, and mental stimulation (as well as nutritious meals) is incredibly important. Nanny Scout is working hard to make this easier and more affordable, for parents everywhere.

Nanny Scout will be participating in Demo Day for the 4thly Startup Accelerator on May 21.



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