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This startup is closing the achievement gap with a new educational technology platform.

The promise of education technology has always been that it can help to close the achievement gap. Kids from all different backgrounds and learning styles can have access to high-quality curriculum, targeted specifically to them. And yet three years into the pandemic mostly what we’ve learned is that current edtech platforms are woefully inadequate.

SwotKnot, a new startup in Boulder, CO, is working to fix that. They have developed a low cost, no code, highly configurable learning management system, designed to provide students and schools with the tools they need to succeed.

SwotKnot will launch next year, initially as a tutoring platform. Parents will be able to find tutors that match their kids’ specific needs, and then the tutoring sessions are conducted on SwotKnot’s proprietary learning management system. Kids everywhere will have access, regardless of geography, and parents will be able to monitor their progress. Early results show that kids receiving tutoring on SwotKnot get up to speed on academic subjects quickly and efficiently.

But tutoring is just the initial use case that SwotKnot will support. As the platform is developed and expanded, the plan is for it to be adopted as full learning management system at school districts across the country,.

SwotKnot will be presenting at Demo Day for the 4thly Startup Accelerator on October 13. Find out more.



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