Photo by Quang Tri NGUYEN on Unsplash

This startup is bringing innovation to dentists and patients around the world.

Today we’ve come to the realization that human health needs to be looked at in a wholistic way. All the different systems in our bodies (and our minds) are linked together in an inexorable fashion. An example is that gum disease, once just the purview of dentists, has now been linked to stroke, diabetes, heart disease, dementia, and other serious illnesses.

So oral health is more important than ever, and dentists everywhere are working hard to expand their practices in order to serve patients better.

A new startup on the East Coast, Quanotech, is developing innovative new products for oral health. One of their products is a digital scanner that makes it easier and more efficient for dentists to detect, diagnose, and treat the pathogens that can live in patients’ gums and may lead to systemic health issues.

Another of Quanotech’s products helps dentists with dental-straightening work by utilizing 3-D printing technology that operates right in the dentist office, creating efficiencies that benefit both the patients and the dentist’s workflow.

We’re seeing tremendous innovation in all aspects of medicine today, as technology is being used to improve people’s lives as well helping practitioners to be more effective at delivering health care services. Quanotech is part of this new wave of medical device startups that are changing lives and improving outcomes all over the world.

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