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This new startup makes organizing and managing groups easier than ever.

Bret Waters
2 min readOct 5, 2022


There are all kinds of different groups, all over the world today. There are moms’ groups getting together to talk about kids, chess groups getting together with their chess boards, fantasy football groups, book clubs, and so much more.

You might manage these groups with an email list, or maybe a spreadsheet, or perhaps you could use Facebook Groups. If you put together group gatherings that you want to collect money for, you could use Meetup or Eventbrite. But those are all imperfect solutions, and what you really would like is an app that is built specifically for this purpose, at a price that makes sense for your small community group.

That’s exactly what Odd Circles, a new startup in London, is about to launch. It’s a brand-new app that makes it easy for community managers and event organizers to manage their groups and events. The app has tools to manage your membership, organize meetups, host events, sell tickets, charge group membership fees, and more.

Plus, with the Odd Circles app you can navigate all the privacy issues that are important to users and regulators today. Monitor group rules, ban users who break those rules, collect payments securely, and make sure that your members personal information is secure.

I love startups that are solving old programs in new ways. Forming and managing groups is something that humans have been doing for centuries. The new Odd Circles app takes this existing process and makes it smoother, easier, more efficient, and more secure.



Bret Waters

Silicon Valley guy. I teach entrepreneurship at Stanford, run the 4thly Accelerator, and mentor startups at Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship.

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