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This new startup is bringing the power of BI to solo practitioners everywhere.

Business Intelligence (BI) software is a $3 billion global market, according to many estimates. Every large company today pays tens of thousands of dollars per month for BI software that crawls the internet daily for information on competitors, economic trends, demographic trends, and all the other data that drives successful corporate decision making.

ConfiDens Analytics, a new startup in Toronto, is bringing the power of BI to small enterprises, starting with one very specific vertical: dentists.

The co-founder, Sara Rahman, is a dentist herself and so she knows that the most important career decision that many dentists face is where to locate their new practice. Choosing the right city and neighborhood for a dental practice involves trying to synthesize a whole bunch of data: demographics, competition, local economics, real estate, vendor and labor availability, and much more. Making the right decision will often have a huge impact on lifetime earnings (and family happiness). The ConfiDens Analytics software crunches all the available data (including your own personal parameters) and helps dentists to make informed decisions.

One of the things I like about this venture is that it starts with a very clear problem to be solved in one narrow sector, but also has applicability in a wide range of sectors. So once Sara and her team nail the dental office use case, they can roll out the software to many many different professions, from CPA’s to auto mechanics.

One of the salient trends of 2021 is new ways of bringing the power of enterprise software and technology to solo-preneurs and other small operators. It’s the democratization of enterprise technology, and it’s a big deal. Sara’s startup is a great example of this very significant trend.

ConfiDens Analytics is currently in the 4thly Startup Accelerator. Join us for our Demo Day on May 21.



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Bret Waters

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