I will personally benefit from the Trump presidency. And I despise him for it.

I’ve done the math, and the new Trump administration is going to be very good for me personally.

Let me count the ways:

  1. I’m a relatively high wage earner. So if he keeps his campaign promise to lower individual taxes, I should come out ahead.
  2. I run a corporation, so if he keeps his campaign promise to reduce corporate taxes from 35% to 15%, my shareholders and I will definitely come out ahead.
  3. My company has always provided full health insurance to all of our employees at no cost to them. So, the repeal of the ACA makes pretty much no difference to me or my employees. We’re fine either way.
  4. The repeal of the ACA will mean that a lot of self-employed people will need to start looking for a job with an employer who provides health insurance (since the ACA exchanges for individuals will no longer be available). So that’s definitely good for my company’s ability to hire (maybe even at lower salaries, since we can use healthcare as bait). It also gives me added leverage over my current employees because if they leave the company they’ll lose their healthcare. Win/win.
  5. I have a variety of investments, so Trump’s promise to reduce the capital gains rate will definitely be good for me.
  6. Lastly (and this is a really important one), I had to pay a lot of money for my kids to go to private high school, despite the fact that I also pay for the local public schools via my taxes. Trump and his new Education Secretary are pushing for a voucher system which would allow me to use my tax dollars to offset the cost of private school tuition for my kids. This will, of course, take my tax dollars away from the local public schools (but those are mostly just brown kids anyway).

I’ve done the math. And the math says that I’ll do pretty well across the board under the new Trump administration.

So why do I despise Trump so much?

Because I care more about the importance of our American values than I do about my personal interests.

Because I believe that JFK was right when he said .

Because I agree with Thomas Jefferson who said that public education is and John Dewey who said

Because I believe that health care for all in our community should be a

Because my wife’s father arrived as an immigrant with $5 in his pocket and worked his ass off to become one of the most admirable American citizens I’ve ever known.

Because we have built the greatest economy in the world on the fundamental principle that our country welcomes anyone who will work hard and pay their taxes.

Because America. That’s why.

I’m a Silicon Valley guy. I teach entrepreneurship at Stanford, coach startup CEO’s at Miller Center, and run the 4thly Startup Accelerator. Also, I love tacos.

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