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Bringing the power of digital transformation to small businesses.

Delivering to them enterprise software that runs on hardware they already own — their mobile phone.

Bret Waters
2 min readDec 3, 2020


If you’re playing Buzzword Bingo this year, you know that all the expensive management consulting firms are preaching “Digital Transformation” — the idea that every corporation needs to replace old manual processes (or old digital processes) with new 21st Century digital technology.

That’s fine if you’re a billion dollar corporation with a big IT budget, but the vast majority of the businesses in the world are small ventures with little or no budget for new technology. These businesses aren’t going to be served by Oracle, Microsoft, or McKinsey. They’re just worried about making the rent this month.

Felix Hüneburg runs a company in London named Dynamiq Data, and he’s solving this problem by developing affordable mobile applications that smaller organizations can use to streamline processes and gain the benefits of digital transformation.

Today, every shopkeeper in the world has a supercomputer in their pocket.

His first product makes it easy to do spreadsheet data entry using the optical scan capability on a smartphone. The app is called Scan to Google Sheets, and it enables simple use cases like a small shopkeeper doing inventory. The shopkeeper just walks around his store scanning items with his smartphone and everything is automatically entered into a Google spreadsheet. No enterprise software to buy and learn. Simple, and easy.

The app can also be used in education settings, and Felix has case studies about how schools and teachers can use his platform to bring new efficiencies to school campuses, with no expensive IT infrastructure required.

The digital revolution is creating opportunities all over the world. And this new startup is bringing the power of digital transformation to all businesses, regardless of size or budget.



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